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CHIFFON: all the modern character of decorative painting

All the modern character of CHIFFON decorative painting captures light and plays with its reflections. The contrast is created with the precious white point of HESTRA, a superwearable acrylic with a velvety effect for interiors and exteriors. An example of how the qualities of the Antica Signoria finishes are enhanced with the support of IVC products.

Capture the atmosphere of spring

Capture the atmosphere of spring awakening by personalizing the walls of your home with a unique style. Here is a creative example: mix furniture and multicolour fabrics in neutral tones balancing the whole with the green of the wall. Do you like this idea? You can easily realize it with the #homedecor palette: in the MULTI section you will find many ideas dedicated to seasonal colors. Find it in the nearest point of sale:

workincolors for your restoration work?

Why #workincolors for your restoration work? Thanks to three dedicated product lines we offer you all the quality of our fine decorative materials, the effectiveness of light construction products and the professionalism of color experts, just like in the Edil-Sistemi sales point of Motolese Mimmo in Lizzano ( TA) in Puglia. Find the one closest to you:

Advice for your spring

An advice for your spring renewal? We help you with the colors of our #homedecor palette. This time an example of decoration with the SOFT style where the prevailing shades are neutral, inspired by pastel tones. To avoid a cold or boring effect it is important to play with textures, add some explosion of color, create movement or some unusual contrast. Giving life to your style is easy with the homedecor folder, find it in the store nearest you:

The ethnic style

The ethnic style always maintains its great charm. In this application we show you the CHIFFON and TRÉSOR finishes, chosen to embellish an aesthetic center with their design in shades of red and orange. Inspired by the warm atmosphere of the African continent, the walls convey a pleasant sense of harmony and well-being. Discover the two decorative materials: CHIFFON: TRÉSOR:ÉSOR_AS