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choose your COLOR BLEND create your LIFESTYLE

Color adds style to a room, choosing the right color means taking into account all design and decoration elements that characterize it, such as furniture, flooring, paintings and textiles.

What is important is that there is harmony between the different colors to add a touch of style to the entire environment. With our home decor palette choosing the right colors will be easy and intuitive, thanks to the four color families identified by our Color Designers: Design, Soft, Multi and Vital.

Blending colors without being afraid of making mistakes is now possible. In fact, the only thing you have to do is follow the simple steps listed in the brochure to select the right colors and have fun while playing with all the colors available… then free your creativity to find your style!

colors designed in Italy

Our color range includes 938 shades, with a color tablet format of 7,36 cm.
Stylish and ultra-strong hard cover, 4 color sections selected according to current Color Design criteria.

Visual merchandising system designed for stores with 144 colors shown as they really look when applied. Home Décor blends can be extended by drawing on the color ranges of decorative materials.

Modern WHITE, The charm of GREY and LIGHT GREY

Pure, fresh, clean, when you choose white you choose to create a modern and sophisticated atmosphere, give space to the room and give it a touch of elegance.
Grey, on the other hand, can be an excellent decorative support, with shades ranging from slightly bright white to cool blue, up to warm beige.
With the right shade of grey, all décor colors will look brighter and more glamorous.

A relaxing and cozy atmosphere characterized by PASTEL COLORS

A modern but “soft”, cozy, simple and trendy style.
This palette includes mainly neutral and pastel colors. Playing with textures, adding some explosive colors, creating movement or some unusual contrasts is essential to avoid a cold or boring final effect.

Choose neutral colors for a casual atmosphere

A creative and eclectic palette that includes warm and bold colors.
You can use multi-color furniture and fabrics without worrying too much about color combinations, since beige is a neutral color and you can also balance the color palette to make it even more neutral.
Creativity is something personal, therefore there are no specific rules to follow, but vibration and contrast are essential.

Dynamism and freshness for technical and modern environments

Dynamism and freshness for technical and modern environments.
Vital is designed to create a modern, unique and energetic style, ideal for fresh and dynamic environments, with minimal décor, geometric textures and lacquered surfaces, in line with current industrial interior design trends.
This palette includes bright and brilliant primary colors, such as red, yellow and blue, but also orange and green, to give energy and joy to the environments.
In this case, however, you should choose neutral elements, such as furniture or textiles, to create a more relaxing and brighter environment.