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IVC – THE IDEAL PARTNER for paint manufacturers and light construction professionals

IVC is today the ideal partner for paint factories and light construction professionals: a wide range of products and the know-how required to give you the best interior finishes, outdoor painting cycles and exterior insulation and finishing systems; IVC also manufactures mortars, smoothing compounds and thick coatings.
But the real strength of IVC is its expertise in the field of tinting systems, direct production of color pastes and development of software programs for dispenser management systems: IVC offers fully integrated systems designed to obtain the best color performance.

Thanks to its great passion for the world of colors, in fact, this company has never stopped doing research and experimenting with new things:

work in progress, work in colors.


“IVC was founded in 1982 by the Di Donato family”

60 years’ experience in the construction industry

The Di Donato family starts working in the construction field after the First World War, characterized by a development of marble quarrying and earth-moving industries.

1976 In the late 60's, the family starts working in the paint industry and, in 1976, the first paint factory was opened.
1980 However, until the early 80's the company, which manufactured thick coatings, worked mainly for construction sites and Middle East markets.
1983 The first solvent-based coating products were produced in 1983, and the product range included, in addition to the water-based products and coatings, also a full line of glazes and wood finishing paints.
1986 Between the '80s and 2000 the company grew considerably, thanks to the acquisition of two other paint factories and, in 1996, the establishment of a new company, Di Donato Romania, based in Cluj-Napoca, which was the first real step towards the internationalization of the group, aimed at creating a bridge with the Romanian and East European market.
2000 In 2000, Di Donato SpA, the parent company that will manage all production, logistics and research and development activities, was founded.
2005 In 2005, the group starts producing mortars and smoothing compounds.

From 2000 to 2010 the group grows further, consolidating its position in the international market.
2011 In 2011 Di Donato SpA is finally considered as an Italian leading company in the production of coating products and paints operating in 26 different countries through its offices, branch offices or importers.

Family and Italian culture: our values

"Italians are innovative and creative, and these are the qualities that allowed us to stand out from the competition and conquer international markets. We strongly believe that traditional values and Italian culture can help us make the difference when competing with some multinational companies operating on a short-term basis and for speculative purposes. The Italian market thus becomes a mere strategic objective on the international scene."

Di Donato – Italian Family Company