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Tintometrico archimede

Archimede is the innovative Automatic Tyntometer studied to satisfy the needs
of a small point of sale of building paints or an hardware shop. Suitable for small
volumes of paint in cans of any dimension.
Thanks to its innovative pumping system and it revolutionary project, Archimede is the
rst “service free” automatic tyntometer. It is so user-friendly that in case of failure,
anyone can repair it in just a few seconds and without using any tool! All circuits are
perfectly identical and in a few moves the circuit can be replaced with the spare part
supplied with the machine.

Hero D23
12 baskets

Hero D23
18 baskets

Hero D23
24 baskets


immagine di ARCHIMEDE A100 da banco:


  • Precision and repeatability higherthan those of the existing systems.
  • With the simultaneous supply option, production is equal to a gear pump system.
  • With the simultaneous supply option, reliability is equal to a piston pump system.
  • No technical assistance is needed.
  • Ergonomic and user-friendly.
measuring system:

sequential/simultaneous volumetric one

number of circuits:

up to 25


water based products

basket content:

2 lt. – Max. capacity: 0.2 lt/min

average precision:


measurable min. quantity:

1/1000 . oz. (0.03 cc)

nozzle closing system:

electro-mechanical cap

can detection:


can positioning:

manual positioning plate

max. dimensions:

L x D x H = cm 80x80x115 – Weight: 145 kg

power supply:

220 V, 50 Hz, 16 A, monophase + ground 110 V, 60 Hz, 32 A,
monophase + ground

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