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Spettrofotometro x rite sp 60

The spectrophotometer is a colour reading instrument enabling to transform the read colour in numerical coordinates. These data are processed by the SPEEDY COLORMANAGER® system which proposes different formulae for repeating the read colour. This tool enables to eventually correct the colour. The programme gives the receipt to be used for the colour, together with the instructions to pick up the colouring pastes to be performed by the tyntometer. SP 60 model X RITE versatility is given by the possibility to be used in a shop, against clients’ samples, and directly on a site, detecting the colour to be reproduced on the building.

product features:

Versatile (lab use, production, store and eld operation)
LCD large graphic display – easy reading
Possibility to measure and compare two colours without creating
tolerances or storing data
Possibility to store up to 1024 standards with tolerances to ease
passed/failed measuring
High inter-instrumental consistency assuring the integrity of the different
instrument colour control
Shade classication in 555 system, matt measurement and presence of three
options to calculate the colour strength (chromatic, apparent and three
stimuli) to precisely control the colour of plastic, paint and textile products.
Rechargeable battery for remote use


10,9 x 8,4 x 7,7 cm


1,1 kg

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